Thank you, hockey community!

A Message from Your UAA Hockey Coaches

Thank you, Seawolf hockey fans. Thank you, Seawolf hockey sponsors. Thank you, Seawolf hockey volunteers. Thank you, Anchorage.

“Do what no one believes you can.”

This quote was written on the board right when you walked into our locker room at the start of the year. It is the mindset that we take into all aspects of our daily life.

Everyone who participated in our Seawolf hockey community this year created an environment that helped our student athletes accomplish things that no one thought was possible. This team showed up on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus last August with an endless list of unknowns. However, the one thing our staff knew was that Anchorage was and is a passionate hockey community. We promised our athletes that if they gave us everything they had, Anchorage would return the same energy – and did that ever come true this season.

It is hard to put into words how proud our staff is of the 27 young men who represented Seawolf hockey this year the right way every day. The wins that came in all different fashion this season were some amazing moments. What we are most proud of is the combined 3.61 GPA and the community service work that put smiles on the faces of our Anchorage youth.

A new relationship has been bonded with UAA hockey and this community. It is a relationship that will only grow stronger every year. We will continue to wake up every day and represent the values of passion, humility and perseverance. These values will help these young men become leaders in their communities.

We look forward to growing the Seawolf hockey family and continuing to have a positive impact on our community. Let’s all continue to push each other to be great and do what no one believes we can.

One Team. One Family. Seawolves Hockey.

Thank you from the University of Alaska Anchorage Hockey Staff

Head Coach Matt Shasby, Associate Head Coach Trevor Stewart, Assistant Coach Kevin Murdock and Director of Hockey Operations Aaron McPheters

Headshot of each UAA hockey coach

A Message from Seawolf 5th Line

Thank you Anchorage hockey community! The Seawolf 5th Line would like to express our gratitude for your unwavering support.

You Believed

You believed in bringing the “Pack Back” when more than 1,200 of you contributed to the $3 million fundraising campaign to Save Seawolf Hockey. You brought anticipation, fun, excitement, noise and loud applause to a once-vacant arena. You sold out all of our home games and we crammed together into less-than-comfortable bleachers and stood around the rink to support the rebirth of UAA Seawolf Hockey.

We had coaches on the bench who had never coached an NCAA college game but they had passion and a vision. We had a whole new team, who met for the first time when they moved into the dorms in mid-August. So many unknowns and yet you believed. Twenty-seven young men also believed. They believed in our coaching staff’s vision for this reborn program, they believed in the University of Alaska Anchorage and the Anchorage community who banded together to bring the program back by raising millions of dollars in eight months’ time. They embraced the Alaskan experience they were about to participate in.

A Season of Highs

We are so proud of the reborn UAA Hockey program. Our team showed grit, determination and compassion. Players reached out to the community, embraced their supporting fans and encouraged fellow UAA students to have fun with them on game days. You, the fans, knew they gave you everything they had each game, win or lose. They improved as a team with each game they played, and they shocked the NCAA hockey world with some huge upsets.

Thinking back on our first exhibition game against Simon Fraser, remembering how packed that arena was, how loud you made it, how much fun it was to see the green and gold back in action. And then that win over Western Michigan. WOW. That was a clear statement that “The Pack is Back.”

Our overall record this season of 8-19-1 represents the most wins since our 2015-16 season, and this all from a new team and new coaches. Imagine what we have to look forward to with a year of experience under their belts.

Looking Ahead and What’s Next

The current season wrapped up only a few days ago but we’re already getting to work on next season. Coach Shasby has secured a top-level game schedule, we’re coordinating an even better entertainment experience for fans and, most notably, there will be improvements made to the existing arena, made possible because of a generous donation from one of our most ardent supporters, AVIS Alaska.

We also are working on plans for a new arena on campus and adjacent to the existing Seawolf Sports Complex. This arena will comfortably seat more than 3,000 spectators so everyone could come to appreciate and enjoy the excellent level of hockey the UAA Seawolf team provides.

We know many would love to be able to attend games, and are clamoring for tickets. While it’s thrilling to know that tickets to our games were sold out, we’d much prefer to get more fans in the stands but due to the limited size of our current facility, we cannot accommodate all who want to witness hockey at its best.

Stay turned for more information coming in the next year about our plans to address this for future years.

Our Sincere Gratitude

Thank you to the community for your ongoing and unwavering support. To the UAA players, thank you for a very entertaining season – one filled with firsts and so many highs. To our coaches, we believe in your plans and vision for Seawolf Hockey. We look forward to the many seasons ahead.

The Seawolf 5th Line executive committee and our Board of Directors, both made up of volunteers who believe in our program, are grateful for your continued support. We truly appreciate you and hope you enjoyed this year’s season as much as we did.

Go Seawolves!

Kathie Bethard

President, Seawolf Hockey Alliance, Inc.

Seawolf 5th Line

Kathie Bethard and Seawolf 5th Line logo