Holidays with the Seawolves 

After a busy first half of the season, the Seawolves head home to celebrate the holidays with family.  

By Avery Williamson 


The Seawolves dedicate most of their time to hockey, so sometimes they need to unwind and relax. During Winter Break, the boys head home to enjoy the holidays with their families. Here’s what a few of them are planning for the next couple of weeks.

Adam Tisdale went home to Cochrane, Alberta for Christmas. For his family, the holidays look like this:

“Every Christmas Eve our entire family, including grandparents, comes over to either our house or my aunt and uncles. We have a turkey dinner and play a bunch of Christmas games. Also, on Christmas Day, we either skate on an outdoor rink or pond near my house and play hockey.” 

Conor Cole is spending his Winter Break in Saint John’s, Newfoundland:

“Usually, my family traditions during Christmas are playing pond hockey at the local pond on Christmas Eve as well as church later that night. Then we have a big turkey dinner on Christmas Day.”

Gunnar VanDamme, who flew home to Pittsford, New York, enjoys spending time with his grandparents during the holidays:

“One tradition we have is we always go to my grandparents on Christmas Day. We have prime rib that my grandpa makes and play cards.”

Jarred White will be spending the holiday in Edmonton, Alberta with his family:

“Usually for Christmas on my dad’s side, we have a big family gathering every year. Other than that just have hot chocolate and go see house lights at Candy Cane Lane.” 

Adam emphasized how important it is for him and the guys to spend Winter Break with their families. “It’s a long season and it’s definitely nice to come back home and regroup, relax and reflect on the first half.”

“Seeing friends and family always helps put me in the right mindset going into the second half. It also makes you miss the game a bit, being away from the rink and the guys.”



After enjoying the holidays, the Seawolves resume practice Jan. 2 as they prepare for the second half of the season. The team returns to the ice on Jan. 13 to take on Alaska Fairbanks in Fairbanks. 

Anchorage fans are encouraged to join the official watch party at Las Margaritas, located at 541 W. Dimond Blvd for away games and to head to the Avis Alaska Sports Complex for home games.